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We understand the problems and frustrations that come with rolling out a project, big or small. From initial contract negotiations and managing the lifecycle of a project to the final delivery. 


Our team has been there! We’re a group of project directors, engineers, data scientists and drone data specialists who have a vision for a smarter way to predict, plan, report and guide the delivery of successful projects. 

STACT collaborates with all key project stakeholders to ensure safety, transparency and productivity through every stage of your project. We do this by streamlining data and utilising the latest in technology to help users make informed and accurate decisions, with any potential risks flagged long before they become an unresolvable issue. 

Stact AI Automation
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Reducing The Time and Cost Issues by Providing an Integrated Tech Platform That Enables Governance and Risk Management Expertise


To Save Enterprises Money and Provide Better Analytics to Overcome Negative Outcomes

We aim to save enterprises money by providing our tech platform developed by our high-efficient, and experienced team. Saving potential costs enables businesses to strive better in the competitive market and increases profits. By collaborating with ultra-modern technology, enterprises get an edge over others.


Our core values are the set of principles which we aim to follow in our entire business.
  • Trust:  We develop a trustworthy environment where the team has complete confidence in each other. Our team never puts down the trust of clients. 
  • Honest:  We make fair commitments that follow ethical and cultural values. Our words match our performance accurately. 
  • Highly Skilled: We have a highly experienced team with knowledge & ability to drive beyond the normal. 
  • Creative Minded:  We encourage and focus on bringing creative technological change that brings value to the clients. 
  • Quick Response: At Stact, we deal with clients on a priority basis by providing any assistance they need. 
  • Team-Work: We define success as the approach and collaboration of the whole teamwork instead of a particular person. 


We are not alone in our mission and work with the following collaborators to achieve this.  

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