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While STACT can be used in any size project across any industry, we work most closely with law firms, construction companies, government and councils, consultants and insurers. 

Our platform is constantly growing and evolving based on the feedback of our customers and changes to industry standards. 


Law Firms

A full project team is tied to a single goal, the completion of their project. Litigation involving issues related to the project team’s respective duties and responsibilities is on the rise. This all comes back to the legal contract obligations and legislation requirements.


The review of legal contract documents can be time-consuming and costly. As a result, there are many contractors who simply overlook this process, particularly at a time of Tender.


For legal firms which service the construction industry, STACT's AI platform is a unique game-changer that allows you to streamline a contract review process and assist your legal team in producing a clear understanding of the contractual obligations of each party in minutes. They can then quickly get on with the more strategic issues such as analysing risk allocation, identifying mismatches, developing strategies for negotiation and litigation management and providing their clients with a positive outcome to resolve risks in the right way.

Construction Companies

Projects large and small often engage a multitude of contractors for a portion or the duration of the project. With each contractor bound by their own contract and focused on their particular deliverable, STACT provides full flexibility and privacy-control to allow visibility of the project details required to get the job done. Our AI technology prompts contractors to reach their contractual milestones on time, alerting them to any protentional risks along the way.


Government & Councils

Government organisations run complex projects and must have community safety and financial accountability top of mind at all times. The STACT platform can be applied to the full range of government-run projects, from major infrastructure projects right through to monitoring minor works. It can be used as a dispute resolution tool to highlight and mitigate any risks and human bias. In a sector where transparency is critical, STACT can help government organisations deliver. 


Consultants provide many benefits for companies which include unique solutions and speed via their expertise in the industry. The STACT AI platform can further accelerate the positive solutions for the Consultants to take to their clients. The identification of risks at the right time assists in identifying the right mitigation strategy to solve the problems with a high level of confidence. Providing the right assistance and support for consultants by using our STACT AI platform will have many advantages including being able to quickly gain the right valuable information regarding options and solutions unique for them and will accelerate their speed to ensure that the project objectives are achieved.



Insuring high-value assets or areas of interest require a thorough understanding of the risks involved. Insurers and underwriters can be assured that the best possible risk management practices are being applied when a project is driven by the STACT platform. Our health check assessments help identify areas of risk and provide recommendations for mitigating them. With transparent reporting, regular condition inspections and an archive of visual evidence of a project's key milestones, an insurer can have the confidence that they backing a project with sound risk resilience.

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